• Anja Thaler

    She discovered her interest in music at the age of 13 and embarked on a 6-year classical training. She has worked with different styles – rock, pop, classical music, musicals, and jazz – and thus comfortably moves across different styles in her own songs, mostly written in German. She wrote her first songs in 1997 …

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  • Ulli Pallua

    Born and bred in Italy, he soon discovered his love for drumming: with his first band Forelock he recorded two incredible songs and played several live shows. After they broke up, he soon ran into two guys who would accompany him for some years to come: TempleX proved to be another chapter in his ‘drumbook’ …

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  • George Spacekey

    Born in Wash. D.C. USA, George grew up between the Dunes of Cape Cod Massachusetts and the hills of Mclean Virginia. After all kinds of educational phases he joined Europe and that’s pretty much where he stayed. Professional life allowed him to live and work in countries such as Belize Central America, Honduras, Texas, California, …

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  • Tobias Huber

    Born in Tyrol/Austria, he likes to speak of himself in the 3rd person. He started his musical career with the flute but soon found out that winds are not the right section, so he changed to instruments with strings and started to play violin at the age of seven. With 13 he started to play …

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